Saudi Building Code

It is a set of terms and requirements of regulations and implementing regulations and annexes related to building and construction to ensure safety and public health.

The importance of the Saudi building code

Facilities of all kinds generally require the availability of a building code that specifies the requirements for safety, safety and comfort at all stages of construction, and the matter becomes more important in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its geographical nature and the different atmospheres of its different regions. The seasons of the year, and its soil that contains a high percentage of harmful salts in it, in addition to the presence of seismic phenomena in some coastal areas, and all these and other factors clearly affect the safety and sustainability of facilities and the protection of citizens. Hence the importance of having a building code to raise the quality of construction and maintain on the Saudi economy by ensuring the safety of establishments and their residents and setting requirements that define the foundations of correct studies and appropriate methods for the conditions and capabilities of the Kingdom, which helps engineers, technicians and citizens and enables them to carry out their work in a safe and secure manner, and contributes to putting an end to the differences in the multiple opinions of the parties working in the construction sector, and that By using and applying the rules of the code as a system recognized at the national level and resorting to it for the chapter There are differences between the differences, God forbid, if there are any among all the activities of its users

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